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A brand with a product that evaluates an athlete's cognitive skills on sports biggest stages, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NCAA, leveraged across 9 major sports deserves to look world-class. We kicked off our partnership in 2019 with S2 Cognition by rebranding their identity, launching a new website, rethinking the strategic approach, sales and marketing campaign development, new event marketing and collateral ideas, photo & video shoots, sales toolkit, product explainer video and more. We continue to enjoy the partnership while contributing to their success as the organization has doubled their revenues and client base, and built new tools to expand their product offering. Our teamwork has resulted in significant growth at a rapid pace.


From explaining S2's products, to showing their experiences, we've had fun generating video content for their team. Click All Videos below to see some of the best of the bunch that we created

S2 Cognition Eval Mobile Lab Experience

For the various product and campaign launches, we strive to bring consistency and sports-science swagger with their identity that gets people excited to check out what S2 has to offer.